The Underwear That Won’t Budge When You Work Out

Having comfortable underwear for working out is key, but picking the right pair for the gym might be easier than you think. StyleCaster interviewed fitness experts about their recommendations, and we loved New York Pilates founder Heather Anderson’s suggestion, Negative Underwear:

“Negative Underwear have cute, comfortable, and well-made intimates that stand up to the washing machine test,” she said. “They also stay put while working out. I also love to support hot lady entrepreneurs.”

We don’t know about you, but when a fashion industry–approved professional (hers is Garance Doré’s favorite Pilates studio—NBD) tells us something is chic and effective, we pay attention.

Shop the best Negative Underwear styles below.

Photo:Garance Doré

Negative Underwear Silky Brief ($35)

Negative Underwear Essaouira Brief ($40)

Negative Underwear Sieve High-Waist Brief ($45)

Check out StyleCaster’s list for more gym underwear suggestions, and tell us: Will you try these Pilates-approved undies?

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