Beauty 101: Growing Out Your Brows


Ever since Cara Delevingne entered the pop culture game, the world’s been experiencing major brow envy. Gone are the days of stick thin lines. Big is in. If you’ve been a victim of over plucking and are now trying to join the “on fleek” squad, here are a few pointers:

1 – Be Gentle: Fill those arches carefully. Pressing too strongly with your brow pencil could lead to hair loss.

2 – Trim, Don’t Pluck: Need we say more?

3 – Stock Up On Vitamins: Particularly — Biotin, Vitamin B, and Omega-3; all of which can contribute to hair growth.

4 – Practice Patience: It may be more than a few months before you’ll see significant results.


One thought on “Beauty 101: Growing Out Your Brows

  1. I was told to use Castor Oil on my eyebrows to make the hair grow back in some gaps (yes – from overplucking!) and it does seem to be working. This seems to be an old fashioned remedy that may really help…


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