Florals for spring

Florals for spring — we know, revolutionary. But hear us out! We’re talking about a refresh here. Below, a few ways to give the old trend a remix:

1 – Put your florals on something unexpected — like outerwear.

2 – Instead of an a print, try something new; like embroidery, an applique, or a silhouette.

3 – Maybe the all over pattern isn’t your thing. Opt for a gradual fade-in look or a singular flower.

4 – Go for a bold color base.


2 thoughts on “Florals for spring

  1. Hi, I need an help! I really would like to know who is the designer of long printed floral coat in pastel colors you posted the 1st of may
    …pls help, thank you!


    1. Miroslava Duma hit up New York, Milan, Paris, and managed to do multiple outfit changes per day, all while pregnant. Plus, she showed off nearly every amazing coat option from Dries Van Noten to Valentino to Louis Vuitton. The fifth photo is a Valentino.


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